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Freedom Packaging Staff
JOYCE TEESE Senior Account Manager
PATTY LIND Account Manager
AMY JIMENEZ Office Manager

Take a close look at Laura Schanzer's baseball cap, and you'll see it's a little different from all others. The inscription on it reads: "I performed at Carnegie Hall." And she has, singing alto for the Cabrillo Symphony Choir under the direction of Cheryl Anderson at a world premiere performance in America's finest concert hall.

The fact is, Laura is a world-class performer in everything she does. Bringing 30 years of experience and an industry-wide reputation for service, value, and accountability, Laura has been the guiding hand in building Freedom Packaging into one of the nation's leading service providers of frozen food packaging.

When she's not setting sales records at Freedom, you might find her skiing in the Canadian Rockies, window shopping in Chicago, taking in a show in London's theatre district, or walking across the St. Charles Bridge in Prague. She is also ready for any
challenge on movie trivia, a game of ping pong with her son Darrick, and is the unofficial reigning Cribbage Champion of Santa Cruz County (unless you ask her mother who claims the same title).