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If you're looking for Joyce Teese, she's probably outside somewhere. Depending on the season you might find her bicycling around the county, camping in the state parks, carving up a Sierra ski trail, or just taking a long walk on the beach. She also runs the famous 15,000-person Santa Cruz Wharf-to-Wharf 10K race, and walks the annual Avon 2-day marathon, raising money for breast cancer research, in support of her mom, Carole, a cancer survivor.

A true-bred California girl, Joyce raised her family right here in her home town of Watsonville, and her two grown children, Taylor and Cristin, still live nearby.

   Joyce & Carole at the Avon Marathon
With three decades of experience in the frozen food industry, Joyce has been Freedom's Senior Account Manager for the past 13 years, and treats all her customers with TLC. She sets a very high standard of service and professionalism that has earned her a stellar reputation with customers and suppliers alike.

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