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Service Is Our life

Freedom Packaging prides itself at providing world class service and solutions that work. Our formula for success has not changed in 40 years – Internal teamwork, staying unified as a company, cross-training all our employees, staff longevity, and partnering closely with you: our customers and suppliers. We have built our reputation by offering immediate response to your immediate needs, anticipating your requirements, working proactively to solve your problems, and being forthright in expressing our needs.

Packaging Plus

Beyond just providing packaging, we are here to help you with all aspects of getting your product to market. We go the extra mile, even into those areas beyond our domain, such as product concept and development, cost-cutting ideas, and marketing strategies. Freedom Packaging maintains industry leadership by staying on top of market trends, expediting orders, meeting your production deadlines, and setting realistic, actionable timelines and schedules.
Laura Schanzer